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Frans Cronje is not exactly what you would call a stereotypical Pastor. Although he has been in the ministry since 1995, his friends know him as an artist and super creative person. Some say he is a, sensitive soul.

But not too sensitive to deal with the tough issues of life, which he encounters in his
counselling ministry, where he spends approximately twenty hours a week reaching out to those in need of pastoral support.

The main focus of his
ministry is to help people deal with sexual, emotional and relational challenges.
Who is Frans Cronje?
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The rest of his time is spent training lay-counsellors at the Living Word Bible College in Pretoria, as well as speaking at conferences, church camps, youth rallies and small groups. His keen sense of humour, gifted teaching abilities and practical insight into the Word, makes him a very popular lecturer.

Frans has presented his groundbreaking course, "one + one = one" all across South Africa, as well as in Brazil. The course takes a look at sexuality in a Biblical, psychological and physical context.

In May 2011, he had his debut solo art exhibition at the Junction Art Gallery in Johannesburg. Pictures of this can be viewed on their website, as well as on their Facebook page.

He finished writing "
Unwrapping Lazarus" in 2010, and now he is ecstatically happy to finally see the book in print.

His prayer is that many who hope to find freedom from unwanted same-sex attractions will be inspired by the journey of recovery which he has been on with Christ. According to the Word, God is not a respector of person's, thus He is able and willing to touch every heart who turns to Him in sincerity.

Frans can be contacted
A Journey of Recovery from Sexual Brokeness