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Excerpt 2: One Jesus Freak. Three Freaky Questions.

continued... And then there is Corrie's direct neighbour. Willem Postimus. We call him The Jesus Freak.

He wears Jesus sandals, a T-shirt with a fish on the front and a Smile-Jesus-Loves-You message on the back. A large wooden cross dangles from a leather thong around his neck. Each time he opens his door, we hear the voice of Jimmy Swaggart singing how once he was blind, but now he can see.
The Jesus Freak doesn't have a girlfriend. I don't think he has time for one, since all his time is dedicated to reading his well-thumbed Bible.

Don't look now, but he's coming towards us.

Uninvited, he parks himself on our square of lawn.


I smile feebly as Corrie returns his Howzit.

He tells me how good it is to see me again. What the hell is his problem, he hardly knows me? I can tell Corrie likes him by the way she's smiling.
The cross dangler asks if he may ask me three questions.


"Firstly, if you were to die today or tomorrow, do you think you would go to heaven?"

"I dunno. I've never thought about it. I hope so."

"Secondly, if you were to arrive at heaven, why should God let you in?"

"Because I'm a fairly good person, I haven't murdered anyone, I love my mom and I'm not a criminal in any way."

"Thirdly, is there anything in your life that you know you'll have to change before God can let you into heaven?"

"Yeah, I guess so, I'm not sure."

The Jesus Freak nods slowly as he pulls his eyes into narrow Chinese slits.

He murmurs to himself.

I frown.

"Well, I'm afraid to have to tell you that you gave the wrong answers to all three questions."


"Why don't the two of you come to church with me tomorrow morning and then maybe you can find out what the right answers are to those questions."

Now it's my turn to pull my eyes into narrow Chinese slits.

"Maybe another time, I didn't pack a suit and tie."

"No problem! You can come as you are. Our church is very casual, no-one wears a tie."

Corrie smiles.

I nod slowly.

As the Fish T-shirt leaves, he says we are to meet him at nine am.
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